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im GosteOner, i used to be a really nice guy.
ill start of by telling a short story of when i was 15. i had my BB gun and was in the woods, and shot a crow simply because i could. all the other crows were freaking out over their fallen friend, when the crow stopped moving i went in and cut off his wing to keep. i never understood why i did it, i guess i was watching redneck stuff on tv and thought it was a good idea. to this day i still feel bad for doing it, i killed an animal, for fun, and then stole a part of his body to keep. i learned my lesson tho, it was wrong, so wrong, and i promise ill never hurt any animal that isnt attacking me.

but that makes me wonder, why dont others feel sorry for it? why do others on DA take such pride in their murder? now im not a vegetarian or hippy or anything, but killing any animal simply because u want to take his skin and fur off, is simply wrong. no question about it, WRONG, GREEDY and SELFISH. it disgusts me how ppl on DA act like its some sort of accomplishment killing a helpless fox and cutting its skin off. and they have an icon of a chibi fox, like they love the animal or something. and why the fuck is this even legal? i saw a guy claiming he was going to bring a wolf fur to an Anime convention. what the hell is wrong with ppl, its 1 thing being a furfag wearing a wolf costume, but actually skinning a real animal for pleasure to wear it is just fucking insane. im sure there are some anti fur groups here on DA, but i havent seen any, but i seem to run into a LOT of taxidermy and murder lovers.

i see fags holding dead animals, animals skins, smiling from ear to ear. how can u be happy? how can u take such pride in it? u are NOT an artist so dont u DARE act like u have a sense of accomplishment. its one thing eating meat is enough of animal murder, and im guilty of that (been eating less meat, just what i need to stay healthy), but some ppl just have no limits on what they destroy. just more piece of shit americans taking, taking, taking, taking, taking. 

just another of my many MANY reasons to hate humans. 


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Thank you for the fav :D
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:D your welcome, i keep seeing your stuff, its good. 
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ohh , thank you very much for the nice comment , i am glad to hear that...:) :)
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Thanks for faving Secret pathway by Marloeshi   :D
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